Introduction to the Commandments of God
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The  Commandments  of  God



If you are in the armed forces you would fully understand what a command is.  The drill sergeant shouts the command and the soldiers obey without question.  They know the consequences of disobeying the command.  In the program of CAD – Computer Aided Design - the word “command” appears on the computer screen so that the user can draw whatever shape or size of an object he intends to have.  A command must first be typed before the computer can perform any function.  The computer program will do exactly what the “command” is typed, no more and no less.  The commands that are given, either from the drill sergeant or to the computer are inviolable, that is, they cannot be broken. The results for not obeying such commands are realized immediately. 


Unlike the armed forces or computer programs Christians do have freedom of choice to make decisions as to whether or not to obey commandments.  Even when they have made the wrong choices the results may not be immediate.  The reason is because God wants them to reconsider their positions.  The most saddening thing in Christianity is that many Christians have made the wrong decision into thinking that when God gives commandments they do not have to be obeyed.  They can interpret the commandments whatever way they like.  Certainly this cannot be the correct way. 


Most Christians believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God that is written by the prophets through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. (2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Pet. 1:21)  The Ten Commandments are extra special in that they were written directly by God Himself. (Ex. 24:12; 32:16; 34:1, 28; Deut. 10:4)  The two tablets of the Ten Commandments were placed inside the Ark of the Covenant where the presence of God was manifested. (Ex. 25:21-22)  This makes the Ten Commandments very distinctive from the other statutes and ordinances in the Old Testament.  The concept that Christians do not have to keep all the Ten Commandments in order to remain in the grace of God is one of the prevailing fallacies in Christendom.  It is the purpose of this article to present the truths concerning the Ten Commandments so that we can all please God.


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