Brief History and Report of the Houston Church
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Brief  History  and  Report
of  the  Houston Church


Church  Dedication    April 10, 2010

                           獻     2010 410


Beginning  of  the
Houston  Church


 True Jesus Church in Houston began in July 1981. 
 Membership included six families for a total of about 24 members. 
 For the first two years, Sabbath services were held in three families’ homes.    


Last ESSC in 2008 before Relocation


Thomas  Road  Chapel


 We designed and built our own chapel in 1983



God  protected  our  Chapel 


On August 18, 1983 when the chapel was still under construction Hurricane Alicia (Category 3) struck Houston and caused $2 billion damages.  21 persons lost their lives.  On the night of August 17, 2008 our church members prayed the whole night.  Praise the LORD, there was only minimal damage to a few roof tiles. 

1983818教堂仍在建設的時候愛麗西颶風(第三級)發生在休斯頓,造成損失二十億美元,21人失去生命。 1983817日信徒整夜禱告。讚美主只有最小的損害:一些屋頂的瓦塊吹落而已。



We thank God for guiding our church in Houston to complete the chapel building in time for the Dedication on November 26, 1983. National Church Conference and Apostolic Christian Conference were also held during that Thanksgiving weekend.  

我們感謝   神的領導 , 讓我們在休斯敦完成了教堂的建設, 1983 1126 舉行獻堂典禮 全國教會使徒基督教會,還在這裏舉行了感恩節的週末會議。

Need  for  Relocation


  • By 2004 our membership had exceeded 60.


  • Chapel was originally designed in 1983 as a fellowship building. 


  • We only had an occupant load of 50 seats in the chapel.   


  • Because the property was located in the Harris County
  • 因為房地產的位置是於哈里斯(Harris)  
  • We had no city water and sewer. 
  • 我們沒有城市供水和污水渠。
  • We had drilled our own well for our water supply.
  • 所以我們鑽井過濾取水。
  • We used a septic tank system.
  • 我們還使用一個化糞池系統。
  • Thomas Road was not a through road.
  • 多馬路不是一條兩頭通的道路。
  • It was difficult for first time visitors to find us.
  • 第一次來教會的信徒或慕道者,非常不容易找到我們的會堂。

Congregation Survey and Formation

of Relocation Committee


  • We conducted a survey at the end of 2003 to determine the members’ interest in relocating the church site. 
  • 2003年年底 我們進行一項調查 ,以確定各信徒對搬遷教堂的意向
  • The majority of the church members agreed to relocate.
  • 大部分信徒同意搬遷
  • In the beginning of 2004, seven church members were selected to serve as the Relocation Committee.
  • 2004年初,信徒會議推舉7位搬遷教堂的委員會。
  • This Committee would work with the Church Council, collectively known as the Joint Committee. 
  • 該委員會將與教會理事會合作 ,統稱為聯合委員會。
  • The Joint Committee was established to search for potential sites for relocation.
  • 聯合委員會成立 的任務是為了要 尋找適合搬遷 教堂。

Phase One Search Guidelines

第 一 階 段 搜 索 基 本 準 則 

·       We preferred buying an existing church building.                     我們首選購買的房地產是現成的教堂。
·       Given the location of our members, we preferred a church building within the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8).              因考慮我們信徒住宅的位置,我們希望教堂在八號公路環的裡面。

Phase One Potential Properties

Note former and present church locations  注意:以前和現在的教堂位置  

1. Byrne (Houston Heights) Did not pass the congregational meeting by one vote                         沒有得到信徒大會通過批准,只缺少一票                                                   2. Washington Avenue   Security issue; no lawn                                有安全問題 , 沒有草坪土地               3. Bellaire -  Few parking spaces; noise complaints; old                    很少停車位, 噪音的投訴 , 破舊的建築物                               4. Fuqua (near Hobby Airport)   Too far for members; airplane noise                                                 教堂位置離開信徒的家太遠, 飛機噪音太大    

High  Crime  Areas  in  Houston


Since Sept. 1, 2005 after Hurricane Katrina estimated 150,000 refugees from New Orleans resettled in Houston. Areas where they lived have increased in crime rate, especially in the South West near the New Chinatown.   200591 Katrina 颶風發生後,估計有150,000難民 New Orleans安置在休斯敦。 他們住的地區顯示結果有增加犯罪率,尤其是在西南區附近的新唐人街。  

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