Jesus helped our Family during traveling for church work
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The Lord Jesus Christ helped our family

during traveling for church work


Cecilia  Joan  Wong 


God has been very good to our family throughout the years.  There are two incidences that happened several years ago in California that I would like to testify that exalts the One True God and glorifies the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.   

When our family first arrived in America in July 1970 we lived in Pacifica, California for nearly two months.  We bought a used car (Buick Skylark) in San Francisco and after the Lord guided us to “preach" "south” we moved to Santa Monica near Los Angeles.  From Mondays through Fridays Paul had to drive more than 60 miles (round trip) back and forth to his work place in Glendale. 

In 1970 there was no True Jesus Church in Southern California.  One family from Taiwan lived in the San Fernando Valley and four families from Hawaii lived in Orange County.  Our family drove more than 100 miles (round trip) to Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa every Friday evening and again on Saturday morning, to have Sabbath services with the Hawaiian families.  On Saturday afternoons we drove north (round trip more than 50 miles) to Canoga Park to have another service there.  A reliable car is highly essential for living, office and church work in Southern California.

Testimony  1   

One late Friday evening after coming home from a service in Orange County our car had engine trouble while we were on the freeway (Interstate 405).  We drove to a street in Long Beach to look for a repair shop.  It was about 11:00 p.m.  We drove to a gasoline station at a street intersection, but they had no mechanic there at that time.  We parked our car on the parking lot of the gasoline station close to the intersection.  Our car engine trouble got worse and the ignition would not work at all.  Our family began to pray to our Lord Jesus Christ and asked Him to help us.

A car stopped at the intersection.  The traffic signal lights had turned green but that car still did not move forward.  Another car stopped behind the first car.  After the lights had turned green twice the first car still did not move.  Two men from the second car went over to talk to the driver of the first car.  The two men then returned to their car and drove away.  Our family continued to pray for God’s help to get our car moving. 

After some time a police patrol car arrived and parked behind the first car at the intersection. The two men had brought the policeman and they parked their car next to ours.  The policeman went over to the first car and asked the driver to come out to take the Sobriety Test for intoxication.  That man could not even stand straight, much less, walk a straight line.  The policeman shoved the intoxicated driver into the patrol car and drove away. 

The two men came over to our car and asked, “Why are you guys still here?”  We told them our car had problems.  They replied, “We’re auto mechanics.  We’ll try to fix your car problem.”  They opened the trunk of their car and brought out some tools.  They opened the hood of our car and worked on the engine.  It did not take them too long to fix the engine.  The ignition started again.  They told us they had only fixed the engine temporarily so that we could get home that night.  They advised us to go to an auto workshop to get it fixed permanently.  We asked them how much we should pay them for their repair work that night.  They replied, “You pay us nothing.  It’s on us.”  On our way home we praised and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for answering our prayers. 

Testimony  2 

Our family relocated from Santa Monica to Bakersfield in 1974 but we continued to attend Sabbath services in the Los Angeles area because there was no True Jesus Church in Bakersfield.  Not too long after our relocation our church in Southern California purchased the chapel building in El Monte which is east of Los Angeles. 

The distance between Bakersfield and El Monte is about 130 miles.   As you drive about 30 miles north from Los Angeles and go past Santa Clarita, Interstate 5 divides into two spurs that are separated by a deep valley for about six miles. The northbound spur is on the west and the southbound spur is on the east.  Regardless of whether you are going north or south you still have to climb more than 2,000 feet on the mountainous highways. 

There were no cell phones in the Seventies.  It is bad if your car has any problem on one of the spurs because you cannot go forward nor backward.  There are no service stations or auto repair shops for miles around.  The California Highway Patrol cars drive by only once every two hours. Things can get worse if you have car problem at night because it is difficult to receive help, and it can get very cold at that elevation.  The worst thing that can happen to any traveler on the Castaic spurs is to have an electrical short circuit on the car at night because you cannot even turn on your hazard light. 


The worst thing did happen to our family one Saturday night in 1974. We usually had grocery shopping and dinner at the Los Angeles Chinatown after attending Sabbath service at the El Monte church.  It was about 7:00 p.m. when we were on our way home to Bakersfield. Our old and much used car had climbed to the summit of the northbound spur of Interstate 5, and was beginning to descend when the electrical system short-circuited.  Everything, including the engine, the lights and the radio had stopped functioning.  It had become dark but the headlights from the cars behind helped us steer our vehicle to the shoulder at the edge of the cliff.  No sooner did we park there when a California Highway Patrol car went by.  Too bad it did not stop for us so we would have to wait another two hours for another CHP car to come around.  


We remembered how the Lord Jesus Christ had sent two auto mechanics to fix our car engine some time back, so we trusted in the Lord to rescue us again.  Our family prayed earnestly inside our vehicle for quite a while.  Suddenly a steady light shone through the back window of our car.  It came from the headlights of a car that had parked a short distance behind our vehicle.  A thought came through my mind. “God is sending auto mechanics to fix our car.”   

A man walked towards our vehicle and Paul rolled down the window to talk to him.  He asked: “Why are you stopping here?”  We told him we had car problem and we asked him, “Are you an auto mechanic?”  He said “No”, and then he pointed his finger in the northerly direction and asked a very strange question. “Is that the way to Los Angeles?”  Paul pointed his finger to the south and told him Los Angeles is in the opposite direction.   

The man said he and his friend had gone on a hunting trip inside the Los Padres National Forest and they had just come out from one of the side roads and were completely lost.  They wanted to return to Los Angeles and wanted to know how to get there.  Paul proposed to him that if he took our family of four back to Santa Clarita where we could get a tow truck to tow our car to a repair shop, then he and his friend could also go back to Los Angeles.  The man agreed. 

To cut the story short, the electrical system of our vehicle was repaired, and we returned home to Bakersfield safely.  God is faithful to us when we place our faith and trust in Him.  Praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ again and again. HalleluYah! 

May God bless you 

These testimonies were given by Cecilia Joan Wong

to a Congregation in Houston, Texas on December 16, 2006

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