Our Family in America
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Our  Family  in  America

  Gallery  of  Photographs

Our family arrived in San Francisco, California on July 31, 1970.  The Lord Jesus Christ guided us through the Holy Spirit to "preach" "south”.   Following God’s direction I found a job with the Walt Disney Company in Glendale near Los Angeles.   A TJC House of Prayer in S. California began in our home. 

Our first home in Santa Monica (1781 Sunset Avenue),

California was old and needed improvement.  It is

situated on a hillslope high above the road and has

a good view.   On the left is a senior's golf course.

My first Job in America is with the Walt Disney

Company that designed and built

the Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. 

The Disney Company gives their employees
a lot of free tickets to Disneyland.
This is our family’s first visit to Disneyland.


In January 1974 our family moved to Bakersfield, California where I got a job as Planner/Assistant Director with  the Kern County Economic Opportunity Corp., a Government-funded organization.  

We bought a three bedroom home in a good neighborhood in
Bakersfield, and drove our Volkswagon bus to the church in
El Monte (near Los Angeles).  We also used the bus for excursions
Our family lived in Bakersfield, California for 7 years.  

The Lord called us to move to Houston, Texas in 1981.


We have arrived in Texas

Our family lived in this home since  moving to Houston in July 1981

Our family is growing.  This photo was taken on February

 11, 2001.  Faith and Grace were born on October 25, 2005.

God has blessed us with 4 beautiful grandchildren

Joshua, Faith, Grace and Zacchaeus.

Third generation Zacchaeus receiving Baptism Certificate
Zacchaeus having his feet washed to
have a part with the Lord Jesus Christ

Ken-Shin’s family with Zacchaeus partaking of

His first Holy Communion after the Baptism

Birthday celebration in Houston, Texas on February 11, 2012

May  God  bless  you

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