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Every One of the Ten Commandments must be kept
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Monday, 22 June 2009 17:28


 Every  One  of  the  Ten  Commandments  must  be  kept  



Many people have the wrong idea about the Ten Commandments.  They think it is like the buffet dinner with ten different dishes, and they just pick what they like to eat.  God presented the Ten Commandments as one entity, or as we call it, one whole package.  He did not give the commandments one at a time spreading over several occasions.  The Ten Commandments were written “with the finger of God” and presented altogether at one time. (Ex. 31:18)  Our Lord Jesus Christ taught and confirmed the Ten Commandments must be taken together as one unit, and not even one commandment can be broken. (Mt. 5:17-19)  The integrity of keeping every one of the Ten Commandments is reiterated in the Epistle of James: 


“If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself,’ you do well; but if you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted of the law as transgressors.  For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.  For He who said, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ also said, ‘Do not murder.’  Now if you do not commit adultery, but you do murder, you have become a transgressor of the law.” (Jas. 2:8-11)


Detractors of keeping all the Ten Commandments are fond of misusing these verses to dissuade Christians from following the teachings of the Holy Bible.  They often discourage the keeping of the Ten Commandments by saying: “Look, it is impossible to keep all the Ten Commandments.  When you break one it is like breaking all of them.  Why jeopardize your salvation?  We are not saved by the law anyway, so why even try to keep the Ten Commandments at all?”  This is an erroneous doctrine.  The intent and purpose of James’ epistle is not to discourage people from keeping the Ten Commandments.  On the contrary they are warning signals that Christians cannot break any one of the Ten Commandments.  We must distinguish truth from falsehood. 


Christians must not use these verses to justify sinning.  We dare not say: “Because I can’t keep every demand of God, why even try?”  James reminds us that if we have broken just one commandment we are sinners.  We cannot decide to keep part of God’s law and ignore the rest.  You cannot break the law a little bit; if you have broken it at all.  If you are suspended in mid-air and held by a chain with ten links, every link is important for the safety of your life.  What happens if you decide to break one link?  You will fall down and hurt yourself just as surely as if you have broken all the ten links.  Here is another illustration.  Let us say that the only protection from the external enemy is to stay within a fortress that have ten-sided walls with bolted gates.  If you decide to leave the fortress it makes no difference which gate you leave, your life will still be in danger.  The Ten Commandments are given by God to protect us from the devil whose aim is to steal, kill and destroy our Christian lives.  The Ten Commandments should not be taken lightly, but with seriousness because it concerns our salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ said: “But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments.” (Mt. 19:17)


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